Artist & Cyclist

Once upon a time… Tegan was studying to be a lawyer.

Then she drew some comics in a competition to win an adventure bicycle, which she cycled through Spain during a uni holiday, telling the story of her adventure through a comic blog.

This kind of adventure storytelling felt too wonderful to not wildly pursue, so Tegan spent the next few years finding ways to go on more adventures (including an 11,000km bike trip through Africa with her family, and a 10 Iron Man triathlon around New Zealand), while figuring out how to turn it all into an actual grown-up job.

Today, Tegan works full-time as a cartoonist, speaker and endurance cyclist with team Wintergreen Barrier Breakers. She am currently working on a book, setting up a comic merchandise shop in South Africa and training to set a women’s record of the fastest cycle from Cairo to Cape Town in Feb 2022.

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