Lifetime Warranty

D’Arcs offer a lifetime warranty on all D’Arcs. All D’Arcs eyewear is warrantied against any factory or material defaults and or frame and lens cracks or breakages. 

Our warranty does not cover scratched lenses

Any alterations made to your D’Arcs Eyewear will void the warranty. 

Warranty Process

In the rare case that you need to claim for a warranty on your pair of D’Arcs please follow the below steps so we can get your claim processed as quick as possible.

Contact Store

Contact the store where you originally purchased your pair of D’Arcs eyewear and they will assist you.  You are welcome to ask your store to order a replacement if they do not have stock. 

Contact Us

If the store cannot assist you or you cannot remember where you purchased them, you can contact us via the below link and we will get back to you as soon as possible to assist. 

Returns Process

Alternatively you can fill out the form at the below link and our warranties department will be in contact to assist if your model falls into our warranty outlines.

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